Blue Screen error – What is blue dump error? Fix Blue screen of Death ?


Hello friends, welcome back with another new article and this article will be very  helpful for you if you are a computer user. Guys if you are using computer or laptop since a period then perhaps you would know about Blue screen error or heard about it. Basically this is a common problem of computer and laptop. You must  know about blue dump error and how to solve it. Usually we see this common problem around us, in our computer. Which comes because of such reasons I have mentioned below.

what is blue screen error

If you are facing this error on your computer and want to fix it, so read this post till end. I hope you’ll get full information about what you are searching for. So friend this article will be very interesting and helpful. Also I’ll give you the answers of the questions like –

What is Blue screen error?
How do I fix a blue dump error? 
What are the types of Blue screen of Death?
Is blue screen error dangerous?
What is the reason for blue screen error?

What is blue dump error?

Blue dump error is also known as Blue screen of Death (BSoD).  In simple words BSoD is an message which displayed on your computer screen when your computer have any problem with hardware and software. Means this message indicates us that our computer is suffering with some critical problem. This term gets its name because these critical messages were displayed on a blue screen. It is a message which alerts us.

Some common types of blue dump error?


Why Blue Dump error occurs ?

Friends as we all know that computer is a combination of Hardware and software. If your computer having any problem related to hardware or software so your computer alerts you by Blue screen of Death. But there are lots of hardware and software in a computer and we don’t know which software or hardware got corrupted. For that we have to check all the hardware and software, then continue reading our post because I’ll tell you how to check these components. Hope you understood why blue dump error occurs.

Problems with software

If there is problem related to software so your computer may occurs blue dump error. Perhaps you are trying to run such software, which your computer can’t run, I mean computer is not capable to run such software. If any unsupported driver is in our computer, so in this condition your computer will started Blue screen of Death. Except this if there is any kind of virus in your computer or because of window corruption your computer lost any important file or registry file, In this case your computer starts blue dump error. So the question is how to solve problem related to software?

Software problem solution.

Driver And Software

Guys to solve this problem you have to format your operating system (windows 7, windows 8 or 10) and install new windows. After installation you’ve to use your system without any driver if your computer will work properly this means the problem was with driver. Now install drivers one by one. But you should to check first that are you installing any unsupported driver. Then update all of your drivers having updates and install them step by step.

After this you have to check your software similarly as we checked drivers. Install Software one by one, after doing this if your computer will work properly that means the problem is solved. If this not happens, so don’t worry perhaps the problem is with hardware or any virus is there in computer.

blue dump error


Friends, the problem of blue screen error also comes due to virus / malware. If you have a virus in your computer, that virus corrupts the files in your windows, due to which the windows start restarting repeatedly with blue screen. In this condition you have to format the windows. For solution, a good Antivirus must be installed in the computer.



Bios means Basic Input Output System,you may know about. All the setting of your computer is done in this. So whenever the setting of Bios got incorrect. Then in this condition Blue Screen also comes. So if Blue Screen is coming after tampering with setting in Bios, then you should go to Bios and Default or Reset it. This will mean that your Bios Reset will come to the Default Stage and your Blue Screen problem will go away.

One more thing is that even if the Bios is too old out-dated, the Blue Screen starts coming in. So to get solution of this problem, you should update your Bios. So these were some Software related issues due to which Blue Screen can come in your system. Now, let’s talk about the hardware related problems that caused the Blue Screen.

Problems with Hardware

Friends, even after solving the software problem, if the problem of Blue dump is coming then it means that the problem is related to hardware. If the problem is related to hardware, it is not so easy to fix it because the computer does not have just one component, there are many components (hardware). For this, we have to check each component like – Motherboard, Hard Disk, RAM, PSU, Processor, Graphic card, etc. Blue dump problem can also be caused by bad SATA cable.

Hardware problem solution

Friends, as we all know that computer has many components. So let’s start with RAM and move on one by one.


If the problem of blue dump is coming due to RAM, then your computer will be restarting after blue dump.To solve this, you have to remove the RAM stick from the computer and clean its pins with eraser. If you have two RAM in your computer, then you have to clean both of them and check both one by one.

After doing this if problem is still coming, then you will have to check the RAM of your computer in some other computer which has the same RAM. Because without checking, you cannot buy new RAM. So you have to check the hardware like this. If your RAM is working properly in another computer, it means that your RAM is fine and the problem of blue dump error is coming due to some other hardware.

blue dump error

Hard disk

Friends, the problem of blue dump error comes due to memory failure, due to long usage of hard disk, many bad sectors are gathered in it. Because of which the hard disk does not work properly. Or because of too much hard disk filling, memory failure can also occur. For this problem, you have to format the hard disk and delete all the hard disk partitions in it and create a new partition. If even after this you are facing the blue dump screen, you have to change the hard disk and try. Put your hard drive in another computer and check that your hard disk is working properly or not.

blue dump error


Friends, the problem of blue screen error can also comes due to malfunction of the motherboard, but motherboard never defective completely, it works but it is not able to carry the power from one place to another component correctly. In this condition you should check all the Capacitor of the motherboard. Is there any Capacitor burst or light leak? In this condition you have to show your motherboard to the technician.

blue screen error


Friends, problem in the processor can also cause a Blue screen of Death. If your computer has a processor for a long time, due to which dust or carbon comes in the processor. In that case, remove your Processor carefully and clean it well with the help of eraser. But you have to take care that the processor pins of your motherboard are not damaged, clean them only with the help of air. Because if this pin breaks or turns, you may have to change the motherboard. Therefore, this work has to be done very carefully.

blue dump error

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The problem of blue screen error can also be caused by Power Supply Unit (PSU). Perhaps your computer’s hardware not getting the amount of power which they need. And it is very important to install a PSU in your computer so that it can provide a good quality and the right power unit. Because if you don’t use the right power PSU! So, out of all your hardware, which hardware is causing the problem, you will not be able to find out. It is possible that due to lack of proper power in your hard disk, it is leaving that power due to which there is a problem of blue dump is occurring. That is why, change the PSU and see it.


Graphic card (GPU)

If this problem is coming due to Graphic card (GPU), then you can find out very easily because you can also operate the computer without a graphic card. If this problem is due to GPU, then after removing GPU your Blue screen of Death problem will be solved. To fix this problem, clear the graphic card pin with the help of an eraser and then try it on the motherboard.


Cable problem

Friends, many times we check all hardware and software. And do not pay attention to small things, many times your SATA cable is damaged and it looks fine. So, change the SATA cable first and see. Because if your SATA cable is damaged then your hard disk will be removed repeatedly due to which you may face blue screen error problem. This problem is mostly comes due to the hard disk being releases. That’s why you must change the SATA cable and see it.

SATA cable

Over Heating

Over Heating also causes Blue dump error. If any component is getting too much heat in your computer, such as Ram, CPU, GPU or any other component, then this problem comes. CPU is most important. If your CPU is overheating then there is a problem of blue dump in your computer. The main reasons for over heat are, there is a lack of space in your system, proper ventilation is not possible, there is a lot of dust in your CPU or the fan on the CPU has gone bad. Due to all these reasons, Blue Screen starts coming.

Many times we overclock the CPU to get better performance from our CPU. But by doing this the CPU starts heating up very fast. And the fan on the CPU don’t able to cool it down. And your computer starts giving blue screen error.

blue dump error

people also ask these questions.

Q. Is blue screen error dangerous?

Ans. Guys you must know Is blue screen error dangerous? So friends, it’s just a message comes for alerting us about that our computer is suffering with some hardware or software problem. When Windows senses that something could cause real harm, it stops everything, resulting in the infamous Blue Screen of Death. … A BSoD can be a symptom of a hardware or software problem. But you should to fix this problem because it will cause you real harm if you’ll not fix it.

Q. How do I fix Blue Screen Error ?

Ans. Friends, by the way, I have told you all the ways to fix blue dump error, but if you will read the blue dump error code and search it on Google, then you can find out Particular Problem which is coming in your computer.

Q. What is reason for blue screen error ?

ANS. As above, you have been told all the reasons, but it is very difficult to give any one reason due to which blue dump screen comes, but if you read the error code of the blue dump. And if you search for it online then you can find the right reason.

Q. Is blue screen a virus ?

Ans. If the problem is due to software or driver. Who can harm our PC in any way, we can call it a virus. As we all know that due to blue dump the computer reboots repeatedly and has many harmful effects which we cannot see. So this is a kind of virus.

Friends, I have given you all the reasons for the blue dump error, and how we can fix them. I had to face this problem and I too took a lot of time to check the hardware and software of my computer. In my case the SATA cable of the computer was damaged. And I had checked all the hardware and software. And just by changing the cable, my problem was fixed. Now what is the problem in your computer and how you fixed this problem, tell me by commenting. And if you have got help with this article, then share it to your friends. Thanks for reading this article till the end.

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