How to Generate ATM pin without visiting ATM ?

Hello guys in today’s post we are talking about how to generate ATM pin? so read this whole post because in this post I am giving complete information about generating ATM pin. Now without wasting a single second lets start this post. Guys first of all your internet banking (online banking) must be activate to generate ATM pin. If your Internet Banking is not activate so don’t worry I have uploaded one post for it you can read it by click on this link.


Friends to generate ATM pin, you have to search on google online SBI. you have to click on login after entering the website.

After login, you have to click on e-service. Now a lot of options will be displayed on your screen, out of which you will have to click on ATM card services.

After this you will get 5 options and out of which you have to click on ATM pin generation.

Now you have to select either one using password (OTP) or using profile password. Whichever you want, you can choose.

I am selecting OTP here, if you want, you can also use profile password. After this, if you are doing with OTP then you will get an OTP, fill OTP and click on submit.

Now you will see your account, you have to select your account and click on continue. After this you have to select your card number and click on submit.

Guys whatever password you are thinking to make, you can not make it. But you can enter your first two digits and last two digits you will get from SMS. so enter your two digits and click on submit. Now you will get a massage in which your last two digits. After this enter your four digits and click on submit. Now your ATM pin generation is complete successfully.


To activate the ATM card, you have to go to the e-service again and click on the ATM card service. After that you have to go to the new ATM card activation. Now you have to enter the ATM card number and re-enter the ATM card number. Then you have to click on confirm. Now you will get an OTP and you have to fill the OTP and click on the confirm. Like this, your ATM card will also be activated.

Friends, how was today’s post, tell me comment and if you have any doubt related to this post, you can ask me by commenting it too. Share this post with your friends so that they too know how to generate ATM PIN.

How To Generate/Forgot ATM Pin SBI Online Without going ATM in Hindi

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