How to make Spin and win App in Thunkable with point system

Friends, I have already told you to create an Android application from thunkable and appy builder, that you can easily create an Android application without coding. In this post, I am going to tell you the system of ”spin and win” in the Android application. And you can also put a point system in it.

You will need two images to create a spin and win application.

1. Wheel

2. Arrow

Both of the Arrow images are given below, you can use them either from Photoshop or download from Google. Keep in mind that this image should be in .png format.

Spin and win app Spin and win app

Make screen 1

Now  you log in to appy builder or thunkable. Both have a similar task. I am using the appy builder. First of all we upload the image.A label on screen 1 will do it in which the points will appear. Use a single button to go to the other screen. And will use a tiny DB1 that will have point stores. Looking at the image below, use components on screen 1.

Spin and win App

Screen 1 Block Setting

After designing the screen 1, we have to work on the blocks. For the blocks see the image below. View the block in the image and set it.


Spin and win App

Make screen 2

We will use the uploaded image to design screen 2. We will used two buttons. The name of the first button will be spin. With this button we will rotate the wheel image. We use the second button to go to screen 1. Will use a label. This label will only be used to show notifications. To create ”spin and win” app, we will use 2 clocks, tiny DB1 and a notifier.

Spin and win App Use clock

Use two clocks to make ”spin and win” app.First clock use for rotated the wheel image. second clock use for to stop the wheel image.See the image below to set the clock. Set the same way. Finished ”Spin and Win” App Design Part. Now we will work on blocks.

Spin and win App Spin and win App

See the image below to apply Blocks correctly in “Spin and Win” App. You can also make ‘Spin and Win’ App by looking at the video given below. Spin and win App Spin and win App Spin and win App

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