SSD vs HDD – Which one is best for you? – full details


Hello guys, welcome back to another article in which we will talk about HDD VS SSD. If you are going to purchase a computer or laptop and you do not  have any idea/information about HDD and SSD. Then this article is most important for you so read this post till end to get full information about these two. The main issue is which one is best? If a buyer wants storage so which one is best for a buyer? Which one is better if a buyer wants speed? What is HDD & SSD?  You’ll get answers of these questions and which will help you to make a good decision.

Friends your one decision can make your computer best or waste therefore take your time. I will give you my opinion at the last of the post. Guys this depends on your needs and budget. Like if you have low budget and want high storage capacity then the HDD will best for you. But if you want speed so you have to buy SSD by which your computer performance will good. Therefore keep reading to know more about these two. At below you will get information in detail about HDD and SSD.  What is difference between HDD & SSD ?


HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. This is a storage device and its also known as non volatile. If you saved any data in this drive so, it will save in this till the drive cannot be destroyed or you will not delete it. You can also recover data from corrupted hard disk. We also know this as secondary storage device. This keeps data safe when computer is off or power is not there. It is connected with motherboard with the help of PATA, SCSI, SATA. This is a part of computer which is inside CPU.

Friends let’s see how an hard disc works. There are lots of parts in hard disk which help it to work. Magnetic storage helps hard disk in keep the data. Disk platter helps hard disk to store data. These platters are made up of magnetic material and are thin. They contain many tracks and sectors which rotates with the help of spindle. When platter start to rotate, header arm starts moving left and right. Headers work is to read and write the data. As fast as platter will rotate as fast data will store in disk. We calculate the speed in RPM (revolutions per minute). Magnetic platter is most important part of hard disk because all data saves in it in the form of binary.


Let’s talk about SSD, full form of SSD is Solid State Drive. SSD is also an storage device like Hard disk drive (HDD). But the speed of SSD is much faster than HDD in transferring data. As we all know that SSD is an updated version of HDD. When HDD made up, the technology was not much developed. But SSD was made up in advanced technology. That’s why SSD is much faster, expensive, digital than HDD. An SSD has less weight, small size, power consume,etc. SSD works through micro chip like an SD card does.


There are four types of SSD:-

(1) SATA SSD:-

 What is difference between HDD & SSD ?

This hard disk looks like a laptop’s hard disk, and it supports the SATA connector. A similar SSD came first in the market and this SSD supports all types of computers.

(2) mSATA SSD:-

mSATA SSD stands for Micro SATA SSD. It differs from ordinary SSD both in form factor and connectivity  also  little different from a normal SSD, so looks like a RAM stick. They cannot be used in all computers. To use it, the motherboard must have an mSATA port. This type of hardisk is mostly used in laptops.

(3) M.2 SSD:-

This type of SSD is similar to mSATA in appearance but it is an updated version of mSATA, which is faster than it. It supports both types of connectivity.You can also connect it with a normal SATA cable and mSATA cable. mSATA is like a PCI-E express port but little smaller than it and is specially used to connect SSD like this.

(4) SSHD:-

SSHD cannot be called a complete SSD because it is made up by mixing a hard disk and SSD. Some of its memory is part of hard disk and some are SSD. Therefore it cannot be called SSD.

What is difference between HDD & SSD ? – SSD vs HDD

No.HDD (Hard Disk Drive )SSD (Solid State Drive)
01.HDDs are made of magnetic elements, mechanical parts are fitted inside it.  SSD does not have any mechanical part, IC is used in it.
02.HDD has more storage capacity.  He storage capacity is still low in SSD, but their capacity may increase in future.
03.Their data access speed is low.  Their data access speed is fast.
04.HDD has more wight.  Their wight is less.
05.They are cheap.  They are expensive.
06.Data can be recover by them.  Data can’t be recover by them.
07.They have some parts which can be destroy so, they can’t work for long time.  They can work for long time period.
08.Heir data access speed is low so, computer processes slow.  Their data access speed is fast so, computer is also processes fast.

Guys if someone will ask me this question that WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU? HDD vs SSD? So my answer will be one which I am going to tell you. Friends I think both are best HDD vs SSD. Now it is depend on the costumers needs and budget that what he wants. If he/she has low budget and do not want good Speed and performance, so HDD will best for him or her. If a costumer has budget to afford SSD and he/she wants speed and best computer performance , so SSD will better for him or her.

I have a suggestion for you. You can use both HDD and SSD in your computer. For this you have to buy a SSD for window installation. I mean you should buy a SSD which is of less storage, as a result you will get SSD in low budget. Then use hard disk for storage. By this you will get Speed, storage, good performance, etc in low budget. While buying SSD or HDD you should to know one more thing, they are available in different speed of transferring data. I have given some links in below you can check out those links if you are interested.

If this article was helpful and you got any help by this. So share it to your friend by which they will get information about HDD and SSD. Is still your mind has doubts related to HDD vs SSD so ask me by commenting. Friends one last thing which I would like to tell you, I want your suggestions to make  our website more interesting. So it’s mine humble request to all of you please tell what kind you changes would I make in my blogs. Have a nice day…..


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