What is Affiliate Marketing ? How to start earn money ? 2023


Friends In this post we will talk about Affiliate Marketing. What is Affiliate Marketing ? How to start earn money from Network marketing ? How to create an account on Affiliate Marketing ? And how much money can it make ? I will give full details about Affiliate Marketing in this post. If you are a Blogger or You Tuber, one must know about Affiliate Marketing. If you do not know then today after reading this post, you will know what is Affiliate Marketing ? And how to earn money from it ? If you want to earn money from the internet, So this post will be very useful to you. And you can earn good money from it.

what is affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Friends, as the name of Affiliate Marketing, you are going to know what to do in it, and in this you have to sell the product of a company. You can sell the product and service of any company and website. The more company and website you sell the product and service, the more you get the commission. And the same is your income, just this is called affiliate marketing.

Blogger and Youtuber can make good money with affiliate marketing. Suppose you are a blogger, and there is a lot of traffic to your website, if you give affiliate links to any product in any of your posts. The more people buy the product from your Affiliate Link, the more you get the commission, the more the income you get.

Affiliate marketing meaning in English

Friends, understand the meaning of Affiliate marketing, a blogger sells product by promoting another company or product on his blog and website through affiliate link, by which he gets commission according to percentage on selling it.

Affiliate meaning : – The person doing affiliate marketing is called Affiliate, Partner, or publisher. Affiliate marketing is also known by many other names, such as network marketing, online marketing, digital marketing etc.

If you have a blog or website and good traffic comes on it, then you can earn good money from affiliate marketing. But there should be at least 3000 to 4000 visitors per day on your blog. If you do not have a blog or website, then you can also promote the product through social media. But it is very important to have an active follower on social media as well.

How to earn money from affiliate marketing ?

To earn money from affiliate marketing is not necessary that you have a website, if you have a follower on social media, you can earn money by sharing links on social media too. To earn money from Affiliate Marketing, you must join the affiliate program of the big e-commerce website. E.g. – Amazon, Filpkart , Snap deal, eBay, and Clickbank Etc.

Creating an account of affiliate marketing is very easy. For this you have to signup the affiliate program of e-commerce website, for that you will need a website. But you can create a free blog or website and signup. And after that, the product link, banner, is to be promoted. People will buy the product as soon as you have a product link. And your earning will start.

How does Affiliate Marketing work

How does Affiliate Marketing work ?

After understanding affiliate marketing, now let’s understand how affiliate marketing works ? If you are in the online field, then it is very important for you to know this thing. When an e-commerce website, product based company, wants to increase the sale or visitor of its product, then it runs Affiliate program offer.

Now any other person like the owner of a blog or website joins that program, then that company or organization provides a banner or link to those who join. And the person joining puts an affiliate banner or link on his blog. When a person clicks on that link or banner, that person directly reaches the website from where the product has to be purchased.

When that person buys that product, then you get added to your affiliate account according to the commission percentage of that product. Because all affiliate programs work according to commission, and different commission is available on all products like – if you are a fashion related product then its commission is more and on electronic product the commission is less.

Best affiliate marketing sites in India

Friends, although there are many such companies and websites on the Internet, which offer Affiliate programs, but today we will tell you the names of some such websites, Best affiliate marketing sites in India and which gives you good commission. Before joining the affiliate program of any company, you should take all the information about that company. Only after that you should join their affiliate program.

If you want to know which company offers affiliate program, then you have to type Affiliate with the name of that company in the search engine and if that company offers affiliate program then its result will appear in front of you. Let us now tell you the names of some main websites from which you can take good commission.

Best Affiliate Marketing Sites

Information related to Affiliate marketing

Friends, there are some important terms used in affiliate marketing, which are very important for you to know, only then you will get complete information about affiliate marketing. So let’s know which term it is.

What is Affiliate ID?

When we sing-up to join the affiliate program, then we are given a unique ID, this unique ID is called Affiliate ID. This unique ID helps in gathering information in sales, through this ID you can also log in to the affiliate account.

What is Affiliates ?

The person / blogger who joins the affiliate program and promotes the product through his blog, website or social media is called Affiliates.

What is Affiliate link?

To promote any product, we have to generate a link to the product from the site that joins the Affiliate program. This link is called Affiliate link. Affiliate link itself is placed on the blog website, by clicking on these links the visitor reaches directly to the product’s website. With the help of these links, we track the sales of the product running the affiliate program.

What is Affiliate Marketplace?

The companies that come out with affiliate program offers in different categories are called Affiliate Marketplace.

What is Link Clocking?

Affiliate links are generated very long and awkward to see, and occupy a lot of space, they are made smaller with the help of link shorteners, so that it takes less space, and looks beautiful as well. This is simply called link clocking.

What is commission?

Most of the payment in affiliate marketing is done on commission basis only, but in many affiliate programs, payment can also be a fixed amount, this term & condition is mentioned to you while joining the affiliate program. In Affiliate marketing, when you sell a product, and after that product is successfully sold, you are given some percentage amount according to the price of that product, it is called Commission.

What is Payment Mode?

The medium through which commission is sent to you is called payment mode. The method of giving commission to all affiliate program operators may be different. Such as through wire transfer, wallet, or check.

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing for free

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing for free?

Friends, what is affiliate marketing? After understanding this, now we understand that how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing for free? (How to earn money from affiliate marketing). Friends, if you are a blogger, and do blogging, then you can earn good money from Affiliate marketing. There should be good traffic on your blog. Many bloggers earn more money than google adsense through affiliate marketing.

Earning money from affiliate marketing is the easiest way, for this you have to register a company or website offering affiliate program, which is absolutely free. All companies offer affiliate programs for free because they have to increase the sales of their products. After joining the affiliate program, you are given affiliate links or banners, which you have to put on your blog or website.

Now if any of the visitors who come to your blog likes your product, they will click on that product and will directly reach the product’s website. If the clicked product is sold successfully, you get commission according to the percentage of that product.

But still there must be a question in your mind that which are the companies that offer Affiliate Program. So friends, there are many companies on the Internet that offer affiliate programs, out of which I would like to mention the names of some popular companies. And you know all these companies very well like – Amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, eBay, hostgater, hostinger, godaddy etc.

To join Affiliate program of all these companies, search on google by putting Affiliate of the name of these companies. And you can sing-up on the site of Affiliate program. That too absolutely free, you do not have to pay anything.

What is Amazon Affiliate marketing ?

After understanding Affiliate Marketing, now what is Amazon Affiliate Marketing ? How to start it, will give information on this subject. Friends, about the Amazon e-commerce website, in today’s time, there would be hardly any person who does not know about amazon. Because friends, Amazon is the world’s largest website and the most traffic consuming site in today’s time, and in today’s time people think it is better to shop online and less than the market.

But friends, not all people know about amazon affiliate marketing program, most people only know about shopping from amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website, so people trust this website and its service. This is the reason why doing Amazon Affiliate marketing becomes even easier, because whenever you promote the product of amazon, people get ready to buy it very easily.

Affiliate marketing on Amazon is very easy, because all types of categories of products are available on amazon, which are used by people. You can earn good money by promoting the product of all these categories.

How to start Amazon Affiliate marketing program?

Friends, now we will talk about how to start amazon affiliate marketing program? Till now you must have got a lot of information about affiliate marketing, now know how to join affiliate marketing ? What documents are required for this ? Friends, by the way, you also have the same process to join the affiliate program of the website. And the documents are also asked for the same.

To start the affiliate program, some necessary details have to be filled, and you can easily join the affiliate program. For this, you have to join the Amazon associate program, which is Amazon’s affiliate program.

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Pan card details
  • Mobile number
  • Address
  • Blog/Website Url
  • Payment received account Details

Friends, all these details have to be filled to join the affiliate program, when you fill all these details and submit, then the mail of confirmation of joining the affiliate program will be send on your Mail ID. Now you have to login, after logging in you will come to the dashboard of the website. Now the affiliate link or banner of the product has to be generated. Now you have to put these banners and links on your blog and website. In this way you can start affiliate marketing.

How to get payment from affiliate marketing?

Friends, the method of payment can be different in all affiliate programs, it depends on the person running the affiliate program, through which means he sends you the payment. But in today’s time, everyone prefers to do payment wire transfer only. The payment of whatever product you sell remains in the wallet of the dashboard, it is transferred to your given account on a fixed date of the month.

Friends, every affiliate program has different ways of giving you commission. Those methods are as follows –

1. CPC (Cost per click)

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. This means that you get commission according to the number of clicks on the banner or links you have placed on your blog or website.

2. CPS (Cost Per Sale)

CPS stands for cost per sell. In this condition, you get commission only when the product is sold successfully, you are given commission according to how many products you sell.

3. CPM (Cost Per 1000 impressions)

This is a fixed amount, which is given according to 1000 impressions on the banner or links you have posted on your blog or website, how many visitors come to your site, and your commission according to how many total impressions come. It is made

Affiliate marketing questions and answers

How to Join Affiliate Marketing ?

To join affiliate marketing, you have to create a blog on any one category and through that blog you can join the affiliate program of any website. After joining, you can review the product you want to promote on your blog and give a link to that product and earn money.

What is Amazon affiliate marketing program ?

In Amazon affiliate marketing program, offers are made on commission basis to increase the sale of the product, people who have good traffic on blog or social media. Those people join this program, and promote the product through their source, in return the promoter is given a few percent commission. This process is called Amazon affiliate marketing program.

What is network marketing?

In network marketing, the product of any company is sent directly to the costumer, no shop is used in this process. Due to which the product reaches the costumer to the costumer only at the cost of the company, due to this the costumer gets a good discount or cashback towards the company. This process is called network marketing.

What is Amazon Associate?

What is Amazon Associate? The meaning of Associate is “link” or “connect”. Simply put, after joining Amazon’s affiliate program, you become an ally to increase Amazon’s sales, which is called Amazon Associate. amazon associate is an affiliate program, which is very popular in the world and by joining it, they are earning lakhs of rupees by promoting the product.

How much money can be earned from Affiliate Marketing?

It is very difficult to tell how much money you can earn from affiliate marketing because it depends on you that how many visitors you bring to your website or blog and how many products you can sell, your commission is made on the same basis. Those who have good traffic also earn lakhs of rupees in a month.


Friends, what is affiliate marketing? How to earn money from this? You have got complete information on this topic, I hope that you have got the right information about Affiliate marketing, friends, if you still have any question, then you can ask by commenting. And how do you like the articles of our website, do tell us and also share it with your friends so that they can earn money from affiliate marketing. Thank you !

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