What is ChatGPT for beginners – How Does it works, How To Use free [2023]


Friends, do you also want to know about Chat GPT, what is ChatGPT ? How does ChatGPT work ? Then you are reading the right post. After reading this post, you will get complete information about ChatGPT. Currently, ChatGPT is becoming very popular, and people are using it very rapidly. It can answer all your questions in any language, and so far, it has had over 20 million users. So let’s friends, give you complete information about ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT ?

First of all, let’s understand what is ChatGPT. Chat GPT is a very large language model created by OpenAI. The meaning of OpenAI is “Open Artificial Intelligence,” and the full form of ChatGPT is “Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.” Artificial intelligence is a type of chatbot, and on this platform, you can easily get answers to all your questions by chatting.

Because ChatGPT is capable of understanding and generating human-like language, which makes it effective for predicting, sentence structuring, and modifying sentences. Chat GPT can help you when you want information or advice on any subject, or when you want to share your thoughts or experiences. We can also call it a kind of search engine.

what is chatgpt

What is the full form of ChatGPT ?

ChatGPT stands for “Chat-based Generative Pre-trained Transformer”. Which is created by Open Artificial Intelligence (OpenAI).

History of ChatGPT


GPT-1 was released in 2018 and is a deep learning technology that has been trained to understand and generate language. It has more than 117 million parameters that are used to create language. It is a high-level auto-regressive language model that is capable of completing tasks given through text, such as machine translation, text completion, generating a vocabulary, finding synonyms, negotiating and naming, etc.

GPT-1 learns the patterns and routines found in text and uses them to generate text. GPT-1 is currently not available as OpenAI has developed more advanced models like GPT-2 and GPT-3 by upgrading it. GPT-1 had some issues such as not being able to give the correct meaning of many words, taking too much time in long sentences, not working on all languages, so it was updated to create GPT-2.


GPT-2 was released in 2019 with 1.5 billion parameters. It is a very large language model developed by OpenAI that is used for various natural language processing (NLP) tasks. It had advanced sentence structure, organization, and semantic understanding. It was trained for data scientists, playwrights, and generating news articles and information. GPT-2 was also a language model that performed better than GPT-1. However, there were some major issues in this model that affected its performance. These issues are as follows –

There were two major issues with this model. The first issue was that to prevent it from being misused, OpenAI limited its use. This prevented the model from being allowed to modify or edit the sentences or words it generated, reducing its usefulness.

The second issue was that this model had less structural organization compared to other language models. This prevented it from experiencing greater creative ability with larger vocabularies or sentence structures. To address these issues, OpenAI later released new and improved models like GPT-3, which are more capable of tackling these problems.


GPT-3 was released in 2020 and came with 175 billion parameters. This model has also trended for social communication, social media interaction, science, and technical knowledge. While there were no real issues with GPT-3, there were many technical challenges in this model. GPT-3 comes with a very large number of parameters (175 billion), which increases its usefulness, but also requires a lot of computing power to train.

In addition, there was another problem with this model, which was its limitation. Only a very large dataset named WebText was used in this model. Therefore, it could not be used for some subjects, such as science, history, or other areas of general knowledge. To address this issue, OpenAI has released a new dataset that is available for use in these areas.

In addition, OpenAI has added a large number of new tools that help this model deal with problems, such as now supporting many languages, and supporting better naming and translation. Overall, GPT-3 has helped make language-related tasks more convenient and easy. There are some technical challenges, but in this version, the content and technology have been improved to be more user-friendly.


GPT-3.5 was released in 2021 as an upgrade to GPT-3. It came with more specialties than ChatGPT-3, incorporating the possibilities prepared by the author. It has become more efficient in using memory and computational resources, making it capable of running on smartphones. It includes advanced features related to structured and unstructured data, generation of responses, and conversational requests.

GPT-3.5 is an artificial intelligence language model created by OpenAI, trained with heavy expertise, and is the largest language model in the world. It has up to 175 billion technical parameters, making it extremely powerful. GPT-3.5 was built on the basis of GPT-3, which was released in 2020 and had 175 billion parameters, making it the largest language model in the world at the time. OpenAI added more parameters to GPT-3 to make it even better, resulting in the creation of GPT-3.5.

The purpose of this language model is to provide the best possible answers that are useful for today’s powerful applications. It is capable of answering questions on topics ranging from drama to scientific research.

What is GPT-3.5 ?

ChatGPT-3.5 is a very large question-answering model developed by OpenAI. Chat GPT-3.5 was released on November 30, 2022. It serves as a basis for many other AI systems, such as Google Translate and many other systems. Chat GPT-3.5 is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm that has been trained to understand spoken language and provide responses to it. It can be used for translation, understanding and responding to messages, providing expert advice, research, summarizing news articles, and other fields.

Before understanding how ChatGPT works, it is important for you to know some important information that will help you understand how it works. The information is as follows:

What is Deep learning ?

Deep Learning is an artificial intelligence (AI) technique that has the ability to learn from large amounts of data. It uses neural networks, which are represented as computer models. According to this technique, the model-based system learns to recognize certain patterns or relationships in the data by training the algorithm. Deep Learning is used in various fields such as computer vision, language processing, robotics, scientific research, and more.

What is Neural Network ?

A neural network is a type of algorithm in computer science that is designed based on the structure and function of the human brain. Its goal is to learn from data and create a model that can be modified independently. A neural network is one of those algorithms that processes information for one or more outputs through one or more layers. Neural networks are commonly used for machine learning and artificial neural networks.

What is NLP ? What’s its full form ?

The full form of NLP is “Natural Language Processing”. NLP is a specialized branch that studies the relationships between computer science, anthropology, and linguistics. Its objective is to develop algorithms, systems, and tools to understand human language and make it accessible to computers for communication purposes. It is a technique that is used in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Its use is made to solve language-related problems, such as sentence modification, machine translation, speech recognition, synonym dictionary, language modeling, and other language-related tasks.

What is language model ?

A language model is a computer program designed primarily for language-related tasks. These models are used to understand language, language translation, sentence structure, and other language-related tasks. A language model includes a neural network and a vocabulary, which help in analyzing messages. These models are designed for both spoken and written languages and support many languages using modern techniques.

What is Human Computer Interaction ?

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is a branch that incorporates human sciences, cognitive science, social sciences, and other fields to create, design, develop, analyze, and understand various technical products and systems. Its main objective is to improve the user experience so that they can use systems and technical products more conveniently. However, the number of technical products and systems available for our professional and personal use is increasing, therefore the importance of studying and developing HCI is also increasing.

What is Commercial application ?

Commercial applications are applications that are related to business and are designed to provide assistance. Examples of these applications can be e-commerce websites, banking apps, online booking portals, etc. Through these applications, business users get the opportunity to buy and sell products and services and to take advantage of them in various ways.

What is Artificial intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence is a science that creates machines in such a way that they can learn and understand on their own. Various techniques and algorithms are used in this, which provide these machines with the ability to make decisions independently and solve problems. With the use of this technology, machines can be made capable of performing tasks with human-like intelligence, such as language translation, image editing, and making independent decisions. Artificial Intelligence is now being used in many fields such as automated marketing, financial analysis, healthcare, and other industries.

What is machine learning ? 

Machine learning is a method that uses computer science, statistics, and other related techniques to provide the ability to learn from structured and unstructured data. It enables machines to recognize various features and patterns, make predictions, make decisions, and solve problems. There are two main types of machine learning: supervised and unsupervised learning. In supervised learning, a teacher model is trained that learns from predetermined answers. In unsupervised learning, the model learns from data and improves it self.

Now that you have this information, you may have understood that ChatGPT works by combining all of these techniques. Let’s understand in detail how ChatGPT works?

How does ChatGPT work  and use

How Does ChatGPT Works ?

Friends, now you must have understood what ChatGPT is. Now let’s talk about how ChatGPT works. ChatGPT (Chat GPT) is a special type of language model that is capable of performing language-related tasks. It is programmed to provide answers to a user’s questions.

ChatGPT understands the questions asked by the user and then uses the previous dataset based on the questions asked by the user to provide the correct answers. After that, Chat GPT uses a language model to generate a possible answer, which is trained beforehand for generating answers. This model learns from the previous dataset and also adds relevant context with the answers so that the answers can be more accurate. This helps the user to get the correct and accurate response.

To train the ChatGPT model, a lot of datasets are available, which include translations, paraphrasing, general knowledge, and other language-related information on many different subjects. The Chat GPT model assesses understanding at different levels of the language to estimate user’s questions. After that, it generates an answer and provides it to the user.

The ChatGPT model has many features that help improve the answer. For example, it selects words based on the user’s context that may be better. In addition to this, the ChatGPT model includes other features such as knowledge of the topic, understanding of sentence structure and context-based perspective to generate responses. It evaluates the language-related perspective to use appropriate sentences in the response.

The ChatGPT model is used for translation, conversation, summarization, and other language-related tasks. It is used in various fields such as healthcare services, financial advice, happiness-related issues, and providing solutions to crime-related problems. The Chat GPT model is constantly being developed to make it even better, such as using photo-related algorithms to provide better answers for photo-related questions.

The ChatGPT model is now available as a major resource for translation, conversation, summarization, and other language-related tasks. Its use helps users get better and faster solutions.

How To Use ChatGPT ?

Using ChatGPT is very easy. You can use ChatGPT by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the official website of ChatGPT.
  2. Then create a username and password by providing your details and sign up. You can also directly sign up using a Gmail or Microsoft account.
  3. Then verify your mobile and Gmail.
  4. Now, log in using your username and password.
  5. Type your question in any language on the chat box.
  6. ChatGPT will give you a better answer to the question you asked. 

In this way, you can get the solution to all your problems using ChatGPT.

Benefits of ChatGPT

Benefits of ChatGPT ?

Friends, if ChatGPT is new and everyone wants to use it, and if you already know a lot about ChatGPT, then let’s talk about the benefits of ChatGPT.

  • The first benefit of ChatGPT is that when a user asks a question on ChatGPT, they get an immediate and accurate response. On ChatGPT, the user gets all the information related to the question in detail.
  • If the answer to the question asked on Chat GPT does not satisfy you, you can generate it again, and it will give you a better answer.
  • Another benefit of ChatGPT is that when we ask a question on Google, different websites appear. We have to open these websites to find the answer, whereas ChatGPT provides you with the answer to your question in detail in one place.
  • You can get answers to questions in all languages ​​on ChatGPT.
  • You can use the ChatGPT platform as much as you want, there is no charge, it is completely free.

Questions & Answers related to ChatGPT. 

How does ChatGPT work?

ChatGPT uses a natural language processing (NLP) model that has been trained on a large dataset of text to generate responses to user inputs. When a user inputs a question or statement, ChatGPT processes the text, identifies the key information and context, and generates a response using its knowledge of language patterns and information from the dataset. The response is designed to be natural and conversational, providing users with helpful information or answers to their queries.

Where does ChatGPT get its data?

ChatGPT gets its data from a large corpus of text from various sources on the internet, including websites, books, and other written material. The data is pre-processed and used to train the model to generate responses to user inputs.

Where is ChatGPT available?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model that can be accessed online through various websites and platforms, such as its official website, chatbots, messaging applications, and more. It is widely available on the internet and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

What is ChatGPT and how does it work?

Chat GPT is a language model, which works like Google search engine, it is able to answer the questions asked by you according to the information received, it easily provides correct answers in less time in all languages.

How to download Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is a cloud-based language model that can be accessed online through various platforms such as websites and messaging applications. It does not require any download or installation, and you can use it directly by accessing it through compatible platforms. Simply visit a website or messaging application that supports ChatGPT and start interacting with the model.

What is Chat GPT full form?

The full form of ChatGPT is “Conversational Generative Pre-trained Transformer”.


Friends, what is ChatGPT now? How does this work ? Must have got complete information about it, and must have started using it as well. Friends, how did you like this post, please tell by commenting and share it with your friends. So that they too can get the correct information about ChatGPT. Thank you

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