What is Computer Hardware? Types of Computer Hardware


Hello friends, Do you know what is computer hardware? how many types of computer hardware ? Difference between hardware and software? This question must have come in your mind. If you want to know the answers to these questions, then today we will give complete information about hardware and software. We all know that there are mainly two parts in a computer, one is hardware and the other is software.

Software is also called computer program. The software that we use daily in our mobile and computer such that – Internet Explorer, Ms-word, excel, paint, Photoshop, and Operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux) as a result our works become so easy.

But friends, all these software are nothing without any hardware. You will need hardware to run these. If you want to type on ms word then you will need keyboard. If you want to edit photos on Photoshop then you will need a mouse. Similarly, there is a lot of hardware in the computer, with the help of which the software is run, I have given some examples of hardware, about which we will know in further detail. Examples of Hardware – Keyboard, Mouse, Hard Disk, Monitor, Motherboard, CPU, UPS, Speaker, all these are hardware.

What is Computer Hardware

What is Computer Hardware?

What is Computer Hardware :- Computer Hardware is that part of the computer which we can see and touch. In simple words, it can be said that the physical components of the computer that make up the computer are called hardware. Like – Hard disk, Mother board, Ram, CPU, SMPS etc.

To operate any computer, we need both software and hardware. If you have only hardware and no software, then you cannot operate the computer, you can only see and touch it, in the same way if you have software but do not have hardware, then you cannot use software. An example of this is you, as if your body is hardware, then your soul works as software. If both are separated then both will not work.

Computer hardware is divided into two main parts: Internal and External.

Types of Computer Hardware

Internal Hardware

Types of Computer Hardware :- Internal hardware is usually not visible to us, because it is installed inside the computer case, to see them, we have to open the computer. I would like to tell you some names of internal hardware which are installed inside the computer.

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Motherboard
  • RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • ROM (Read Only Memory)
  • Hard Drive
  • PSU (Power Supply Unit)
  • NIC (Network Card)
  • Heat Sink (Fan)
  • Graphics Card

External Hardware

External hardware, also called peripheral components, are connected to the computer from the outside. These include input and output devices.

  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Printer
  • Speaker
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Types of Computer Hardware

You all know that there are two types of computers, one is Laptop and the other is Desktop. In laptop all the hardware are connected together but in desktop all the hardware are different. But the work of all hardware is same. Let’s know about the types and examples of these hardware.


Friends, this is an input device, with the help of this device we can do every kind of typing work in computer, now you are reading this blog, it is also written with the help of this keyboard. This device is connected to the desktop with the help of USB port. But in laptop you get it inbuilt with the laptop. We can also see and touch this HW. In making this device, more hardware components are used which are installed inside it. There are more than 100 buttons in a keyboard.


By the way, mouse means rat, this device is called mouse because it looks like a rat. It is also known as pointing device and cursor moving device. This is also an input device and it is also connected with the help of USB port. A normal mouse has 3 buttons Left key, Right key, Middle key Roller. But if you use a gaming mouse then it can have 6 or 7 buttons. The mouse is operated by placing it on a flat surface or mouse pad. It is used to control the pointer or cursor.

Types of Computer Hardware


It is an electronic device which is used to show the output of the computer. In watching it Looks like T.V. In desktop this hardware is bigger in size but in laptop it’s size is smaller. There are two types of this monitor.

01. CRT Monitor

This monitor is also like a TV to see. It is bigger in size and occupies more space. And in them electricity is also used more. This is the oldest used technology, nowadays this technology is rarely used.

02. LCD Monitor

The full form of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display. This monitor is a kind of flat panel display. This technology is very new compared to CRT monitors. This monitor occupies less space and weight less, the LCD display also consumes very little electricity. In today’s time you will see this display in use everywhere. LCD displays are used in mobile phones, tablets, and computers.


This is the external hardware of a computer, its uses for hard copy i.e. whatever is written on any paper or in the form of a photo, it can be scanned with the help of this hardware and stored in hard drive in soft copy. It is also called external device. This soft copy can be easily sent from one place to another with the help of internet.


This is also External Hardware, using this we can hear sound, it gives output in the form of sound, nowadays it remains inbuilt in the system.


Printer is an output device. It works unlike hardware scanner, it is used to print soft copy  into hard copy. But now the use of scanner has reduced because along with the printer the scanner has also been added, now both the work can be done with the help of printer.

Types of Internal computer Hardware


The full-form of RAM is Random-access memory. In other words it is a type of memory. It acts as a memory in your computer or mobile. In a way there is primary memory. It is known by many other names. Like – Main memory, Physical memory, Volatile memory. It temporarily stores the work done in computer or mobile. Unless you save those files in hard disk or pen drive.

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Central processing unit is the main part of the computer. CPU is called the brain of the computer. The full form of CPU is Central Processing Unit, all the software of the computer is installed in the CPU. Due to which the CPU controls all the functions of the computer. The CPU processes the tasks on the computer.

Because all the data of the computer is stored in the CPU. There is a chip inside the CPU, it is called Processor. Processor controls all the components of the computer, Processor is an electronic device. Which is installed in the motherboard of the computer, the processor does all the programming of the computer.


This hardware is the main part of the computer, it is a type of board, which is called PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This motherboard works to reach the current to all the parts of the computer. The components of the computer are installed in this motherboard. Such as RAM, CPU, hard drive, graphic card, smps port.

Different types of hardware

Graphics Cards

The full form of GPU is “Graphics Processing Unit“. The picture and movie created by the computer is called graphic. The work that the CPU used to do earlier, is now also done by the GPU. GPU is a co-processor, which does graphical calculations. In today’s time, applications, software and games come in such high graphics.

That the processor alone is not able to run them all, due to which the computer starts working slowly. But if your computer has a graphic card. So the graphic card starts doing all that work. By applying a graphic card, the work of the CPU is reduced. The graphic card starts doing visual tasks and the CPU does the rest. By which your computer or mobile works well.

Sound card

Its other name is audio output device, sound board, or audio card, sound card. It helps to make sound. Which we can hear through speakers and headphones.

Hard Disk Drive

The full form of HDD is Hard Disk Drive. HDD is a data storage hardware device, it is a type of memory. This is called non volatile memory. Hard disk is used to store files or data, it is an important part of the computer. You can keep the data permanently stored inside the hard disk.


DVD Drive is installed in every Desktop and Laptop, which are also called Optical Drive. And DVD drive is also known by other names, Disc drive, Odd, CD Drive, DVD Drive. They are used to store digital data. And DVD, the data stored in CD is used to watch or store it in the computer.

Types of Computer Hardware


The full form of SMPS hardware is Switch Mode Power Supply. It is the main part of the computer which works to provide power supply to all the different components in the computer. It is in square shape to see. There are many wires in it which we put in all the components of the computer. Like – Motherboard, DVD Writer, HDD, Fan, etc.


ROM is a non volatile memory so this means that it is a memory device or storage medium which stores information permanently. The full form of ROM is “Read Only Memory”. This hardware is installed inside the motherboard itself, in which the BIOS programs are installed.

Heat Sink fan

This hardware is connected to the motherboard. The heat sink fan is mounted on top of the CPU so that it can keep the hardware processor cool.

NIC (Network Card)

A network interface card (NIC) is a hardware component without which a computer cannot be connected to a network or internet. NIC is also known as an Ethernet card, network adapter, LAN adapter or broadband card. This network card allows your computer so that it can connect to the Internet using an Ethernet cable.

That cable is connected to a router or modem that connects your computer to the broadband. Almost all new computers have a network interface card, which is directly connected to the motherboard.

Differences between hardware & software

S. no.Hardware                          Software
1They are visible and we can touch them.But they are non-visible and untouchable.
2They are useless without software.They are useless without hardware.
3The purpose of hardware is to perform machine level tasks.Software gives instructions to the hardware.
4Hardware is of the following types – input, output, processing and storage devices. Any part of these devices is also called hardware.Software is classified under various categories such as systems, applications and programming.
5CPU, UPS, Keyboard, MOUSE, MONITOR, SPEAKER etc are hardware.WINDOWS, LINUX, MICROSOFT, PHOTOSHOP, WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER etc are examples of software.
6Hardware needs to be purchased only once.It expensive to maintain and build the software.

Questions and answers related to hardware.

Q.1. What is hardware of a computer?

Ans- All physical components of computer are hardware such as desktop, mouse, keyboard and printer,etc. In simple words, components of computer which we can touch or see.

Q.2. What are the 4 categories of hardware?

Ans- Hardware devices can be classified into four distinct categories:

  • Input devices: For raw data input.
  • Processing devices: To process raw data instructions into information.
  • Output devices: To disseminate data and information.
  • Storage devices: For data and information retention.

Q.3. What are the similarities of hardware and software?

Ans- Similarities between Hardware and Software Development.
  • They have behavior: Users interact with the products in various ways, products interact with other products, and products produce outputs given inputs.
  • They have functional (user-facing) and non-functional (non-user-facing) requirements.

Q.4. Main types of hardware?

Ans- Two main types of hardware are :-

1. Internal hardware like- motherboard, CPU, hard disk drive, Ram, sound card, graphic card, etc.

2. External Hardware like- mouse, speakers, desktop, keyboard, etc.


Friends, I hope you got answer of the following questions that What is computer hardware? Difference between hardware and software? Types of computer hardware?  If something that you didn’t understood related to this post, So you can ask me in comment section. Also share this post to your friends that they too can known about hardware and software. Hope you liked this article, thank you.



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