What is IMEI number? What is the use of it in mobile?

Friends In this post of today we will talk about the IMEI number. What is an IMEI number? what is it used for ? There is no such mobile in the world. Which does not have this number. Whether it is the phone of any company, all the mobile has an IMEI no. This number is different in every mobile. No mobile phone without this number. Friends, if you want to know what you can do with the IMEI no. And what is the use of it. Then read this post to the last. You will find all the information in this post.

What is IMEI number

What is  IMEI number ?

Before knowing the uses of IMEI number, we should know what is the IMEI number. IMEI’s full-form is [international mobile equipment identity]. We call it IMEI no. in short. This is an unique number. You get to see it in every mobile. To see it in your mobile you have to dial * # 06 # and IMEI no. will show on your mobile screen. This number is used to identify mobile. For example, you must have heard the name of the VIN [vehicle identification number]. This is an unique number which is given to identify any vehicle.

In the same way this number is use to identify mobile.This number is used to identify the mobile and trace the mobile. for example – If your mobile is stolen, then you complaint in police station. In this case, police takes your IMEI no.  And gives that number to all the telecom operators.They inform all the company by saying that, If your company’s SIM card is used from this IMEI number, then do not allow access. Friends, your device gets blacklist by this.by the theft can not use a SIM card in that device, can not be call by either, and can not run the internet in that device.

What is the use of  IMEI number in mobile?

I think you understood what is IMEI number? And what is the use of it? Now let’s talk about what the hacker can do with this number. Any hacker or user who has your IMEI no. can clone your device. Cloning means that you can use this number in any other device. So whenever your mobile is trace. And seeing that number in two devices, that number will be blacklisted by the telecom operator. And action can be taken against you as it is illegal to do so.

Can mobile is hacked by IMEI number?

You must have heard that mobile can be hacked with the help of IMEI number. So let me tell you that it is not possible to do this because hacking any mobile has to undergo a lot of process. Then you can hacked any mobile. Mobile can not be hacked with the help of just the this number. Only mobile can be trace by this Which is only telecom operator can process this.with the help of IMEI no. Any hacker can only get the information which SIM card you are using in your mobile and what is your number? Apart from this, the hacker can not access your phone, as the hacker has to install the third party app in your mobile. Then only can any hacker control your phone completely.

So I think that you got complete information about IMEI number. if you are having any doubts related this so you can ask me in comment. and if your like our post so share with your friends.

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